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  • By Tomás Oliveira 29 de September, 2022 In

    Institutional Video

    Institutional Video Details:Category:MotionBrand:Harland & Poston GroupHarland & Poston Group is a privately owned group that shelters strong and self-made brands in the areas of real estate, investments, property management and

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  • By Tomás Oliveira 28 de September, 2022 In


    Showreel Details:Category:MotionProject:Lisbon School of DesignShort Showreel project that I developed during the Graphic Design course that I took at Lisbon School of Design. For this one I used some of

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  • By Tomás Oliveira 27 de September, 2022 In

    Promotional Video

    Promotional Video Details:Category:MotionProject:Cushman & WakefieldVideo that I developed while working at Cushman & Wakefield, a worldwide renown company that offers all types of commercial real estate services. The purpose of

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